Hands-Free Voice Assistant



Hands-Free Voice Assistant

Includes 1 TalkSocket + Qi Wireless Charger

TalkSocket is one of the first mobile accessories that attaches to your phone for a seamless hands-free experience using Amazon Alexa, even when your phone is locked! TalkSocket merges Alexa and PopSockets into one great experience allowing you to play music, answer questions, and order on-demand - all hands-free. 

Key Features:

  • Hands-free Alexa on any phone
  • Uses your phone's audio output
  • Does not store any data
  • 2 Built-In microphones
  • PopSockets® accordion & swappable base
  • Multi-day battery life + Qi Wireless Charging
  • Water/dust/impact-resistant, IP67 Rated
  • Dimensions: 1.85in L x 1.85in W x 10mm H

“How did I live without a TalkSocket? Now I can order, ask or command wherever, whenever I want. Alexa is Free to roam!”

Pop It

Integrated PopGrip

Case It

Stick to any case

Carry It

Put your phone away

Stick It

Stick it to any phone


Easy On/Off

TalkSocket in Action

Intelligent Microphone


No need to turn your phone over to see the answer.


Integrated PopGrip for easy all day use.


Play hard, it's water resistant and impact resistant.


Life's interesting, just ask what's on your mind.

Tech Specs

You Asked, We Answered.

What's the battery life?

We've built it to last 1-3 days of average usage. The more you use your TalkSocket the faster the battery will drain. The good thing is that it only uses battery when initiating the wake word.

Does it store any data on the device?

Absolutely not. We are only the conduit between your voice and the Alexa app on your phone. As Amazon continues to improve the security of their app, you'll benefit any improvements while using your TalkSocket.

What does the companion app do for me?

We built the companion app to ensure our customers have the easiest onboarding process. Sometimes tech can be frustrating to setup...not a TalkSocket. We walk you through everything step, step-by-step. Additionally, the app allows you to check the battery life and even change the LED color ring to your color of choice.

Can I use the TalkSocket without having my phone with me?

We're able to make the TalkSocket so small and sexy due to your phone doing all the heavy lifting. You need to have your phone within Bluetooth distance of the TalkSocket to properly work. But, what's cool about Bluetooth is that you could have your phone in your backpack and the TalkSocket clipped to a PopSockets PopChain for hands-free access. That way when you're out for a jog with your Bluetooth headphones in, you'd be able to tell Alexa to play the next song or ask what the weather conditions look like for the next hour.

Does the TalkSocket have a speaker built into it?

It does not have a built-in speaker. It uses whatever your audio output is for your phone. That means if you're in the backyard connected to a Bluetooth speaker, the response will come from there when using a TalkSocket. Or if you have Bluetooth in your car, ask your question and the answer will come through your vehicles speakers. Or even better, tell Alexa to play your favorite podcast while on a walk and it will play through your headphones. Basically, TalkSocket, turns all your audio Bluetooth products into being voice assistant enabled. Radical, right?

What's your warranty?

We have the standard 1 year limited warranty. But with a twist...we care about our customers so we'll do everything we can without putting the business in jeopardy of going under.

How do you pronounce TalkGo without thinking about tacos?

At TalkGo, we wish every day was Taco Tuesday so what better way to celebrate this than a name that makes our mouth water. Plus TalkGo is a pretty cool name. It says what our product does, talking, on-the-go, and our logo is a bird, birds don't have hands and our product can be used hands-free. Is today Tuesday?