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OtterBox, PopSockets, and TalkSocket: A match made in smartphone heaven

It all started when our CEO left his phone in an Uber back in 2017. His phone died and there was no way to use “find my Android”. That sent him on a mission to create a hardware solution. So, we initially started with a phone case that had “find my Android” capabilities. But in October 2018, a few weeks after filling our patent prototype, Amazon launched a kit that allowed companies to integrate with Alexa.

Jackpot. Why stop at “find my phone” when we could integrate all of Alexa’s functions?

Before we knew it, we scored a meeting with the executives at OtterBox. They were pumped about our product. Instead of a case, though, they advised us to build a device that could integrate between different phone cases to ensure optimal usability. "Think about a design closer to PopSockets to tie into our Otter + Pop collaboration,” they said.

So we did. By January 2020, we were working with PopSockets on completing TalkSocket’s design. In July, we officially finalized our partnerships with PopSockets and OtterBox.

Today, PopSockets and OtterBox are key partners in getting our product into your hands through Kickstarter and beyond.

Our Team

Mike Soderholm CEO

Former VP of Marketing for Otter Products where he managed the top two leading brands within the smartphone case category. Mike has a proven track record of growing global brands through eCommerce, digital marketing, PR and brand development. 

Chandler Murch CTO

 Managed IT business operations for 7 years at Valve Software, known for its billion-dollar distribution platform, Steam. Chandler is driven to deliver projects on time and under budget through planning, procurement, logistics and development.

Amy Boes COO

Former executive for Nordstrom with over 18 years of product development, sales and  merchandising experience. She managed $100M in product annually and launched and managed 10+ exclusive brands working with factories all around the world.